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Types of Blogs and When They are Most Successful

Many good bloggers always write more than six hundred words. They consider it the minimum length of a standard blog post. I read something where Google ranked these blogs, which contained over 2000 words on their blog.

If you provide some information through your blogs, so try not to let your readers get bored of reading your blog. Try to engage your readers. Never include unimportant information in your blogs. Always 600 plus words for a blog post. It’s a good length that is easy for readers to read. Word Press plugin allows you to write more than 300 words. Less than 300 words have been rejected by Word Press.

Blog Types:

If you are working in different categories like me, then it is necessary to explain. I am a lifestyle beauty blogger, and I work in different categories, such as lifestyle, fashion, lessons, health, recipes, etc.

Written forms:

Titles and subtitles:

Use headings and sub-headings in your blogs. This will help your readers understand what they are reading.

Short sentences:

Short English is a key element of good English. If you are poor in English, try Google Translate. Google Translate lets you translate your sentences into English. Short sentences make it easier for readers to understand what you mean.

Short paragraph:

No headings or subheadings between paragraphs can disturb your readers. Try to shorten your paragraph. It contains important information.

Blog Post Languages:

English is an international language. And you can connect with other nations using the English language. WordPress is now available in various other languages. So you can try them too.

Copy-paste blogs:

Google AdSense first tests your site’s content. Either this is real content or not. If your site has copy-paste content, Google can easily capture your site. Copy-paste content was easily rejected by AdSense.

Website Plugin:

  • Try this plugin.
  • Yoast SEO
  • Theme editor
  • Tony sharing button
  • A signal
  • Inquire
  • Site Kit
  • Jet pack
  • Insert header and footer
  • SSL

These are the main plugins I’m using right now. Set kits and jet packs are used to analyze my website. Schemes are used to prevent and prevent malware attacks. Tony sharing buttons are used to give your website social media sharing buttons. Which helps me read my blog posts. A signal is used to send notifications to my new readers. If they allow my website a notification button, this plugin I have suggested to every new bee blogger.

Organic traffic:

Try to get organic traffic from search engines. To do this, you must submit your site to various search engines, such as Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster. AdSense is approving organic traffic. It doesn’t matter if you have 115 organic ideas.

Social Sharing:

Always share your blog post on social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Pinterest and many other new bee bloggers on Twitter are struggling. You should join their clubs and engage with them. This will help you to get more references from your blogs.

One blog a day:

Write a blog post a day if you work consistently. So you will succeed in creating a high profile blog website.

Knowledge of HTML:

HTML and CSS is a simple language. If you have some knowledge of HTML and CSS, this is great. Because if you are logged in to AdSense, and submit your own website for approval. It gives you a code which you have to paste on your website. Try to get some information about it.

If you are unable to use HTML, then don’t worry. You can use plugins like Header and Footer Int. You can paste your HTML codes into them. This plugin has access to your website theme editor.

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