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The Role Of Women In The World In Online Business


There is a growing trend of online business in the world, with women among the buyers, but now they are also stepping into the cyber world as shoppers. They are also being trained by international and local organizations to expand and grow their business.

Near the beach, a similar training session took place in a room in a popular shopping mall in the city, where more than two dozen women were seen listening intently to the trainer, as well as writing down points on their notebooks.

Cakes And Chocolates Business:

Among them was Amna Zia, who has been involved in her father’s business for the past 15 years, but only last year started making cakes and chocolates online from her home.

“Besides making cakes, I was very interested in making chocolate. Nowadays, I make and sell ‘Field Chocolate and Chocolate Bars’ online. When I started this work at home, my son told me about the Women X program, that it helps to increase the order of women working on a small scale from home. Now I want to come to an online store so that my cakes and chocolates can sell more. ‘

Clothes for Weddings:

Shumaila Hadi has been making clothes for weddings and other events for five years. She has recently started designing abayas and burqas, and wants to sell them in Middle Eastern countries, but is in dispute.

“I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. So I know how the abayas are worn there. I want to sell my country’s traditional embroidery on their abayas there. I want to do this work online, but it costs a lot to make good work burqa because the cloth is imported from Dubai, but it cannot be sold online at the right price. So you have to go to the big store. ‘

Rima Naseer, a participant in the same training workshop, has her own company called ‘Gifts Deal,’ and she works to send gifts around the world. She has been working with a team of four since 2014. At present, the monthly income is one and a half lakh rupees, but they are considering various means to increase it.

“After coming to womenX, we learned about many platforms where we can grow our business at no extra cost. The number of orders has increased because of my daily presence on those networks.

womenX is a World Bank-sponsored organization that provides business awareness and support to small and medium-sized women entrepreneurs. The company is currently operating in every major city in the world. She recently teamed up with a popular online shopping website to conduct a training workshop for dozens of such women.

After coming to WomenX, we learned about many platforms where we can grow our business at no extra cost.

Chemo is an online shopping website. Their correspondent, Maria Dane, said: “Over the past three years, about 15,000 people have been connected to Chemo, selling their wares. Most of them are women who want to earn their living by sitting at home, and a chemo is a great place for such women.

In this training session, such women were taught how to set a specific price for their products, how to display their products online, and how to sell them at good prices.

It should be noted that according to unofficial statistics, 12 million women in Asia work from home. In which the middlemen have to sell their hard-earned money due to interference. However, if these same women learn to sell their goods online, their financial situation can be much better.

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