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AdSense Approval, How AdSense Approved Me In The First Login.

AdSense is Google’s certified advertising company. That’s why it’s trusted by millions of YouTube and bloggers. AdSense approval is just a nightmare for bloggers. I’m not saying this, but as many bloggers say, it’s so hard to get AdSense approved, but in my case, it’s not that hard for me. When I first enroll in this account. So I got my AdSense approval 24 hours later.

AdSense Approval Process:

I created a blogging website in February, and I wrote the same blog post every day. I completed 25 of my blogs in one month. And I received 115 organic traffic and 4 comments. I was then reading about AdSense approval blogs on Google, and I decided to go and try AdSense.

I registered my website on it. AdSense gave me a code to paste on their website. I did and left the site. I wasn’t sure if I would get immediate approval. Just the next evening, I received an AdSense email saying, “Your site is ready to serve ads.”

I can’t believe why the videos and blogs I followed about the AdSense approval guidelines all went wrong. I got my AdSense approval so quickly, and I couldn’t believe it.

I’m a lifestyle blogger, and I used to write in every niche, which I like to write. I am constantly writing about lifestyle, entertainment, reviews, recipes, health, how and fashion, and beauty.

How To Get Instant Approval:

I’ll show you how to get AdSense approval in 24 to 36 hours. Not in 10 to 30 days. Admittedly, in some countries, AdSense is not as dynamic as it should be, but I’m going to tell you how to submit yourself to write a good blog post on WordPress.

Try these 10 tips and tricks to get instant approval.

  • Domain and hosting
  • Use the Word Press platform
  • Accepted theme
  • 600-word blog
  • Blog Types
  • Written forms
  • Avoid copy-paste content
  • Word Press Plugins
  • Organic traffic
  • Blog post languages
  • Share your blog

Domain and Hosting:

If you want to make money with AdSense, then it is important that you have your own website. For this purpose, you have to buy domains and hosting from different companies. It can be a local or international company. It doesn’t matter.

If you are using a free plan, you are immediately rejected by AdSense. There is no point in having a free website. Try to spend 50 to 60 spend on your website.

Word Press:

I recommend Word Press to write a good quality blog. Because Word Press provides a lot of features, plugins, themes, etc. What other platforms, such as BlogSpot, do not provide wax? The Word Press Block Editor feature provides the author with a complete toolbox for writing the way they want to write. It gives a complete package.

Responsive Theme:

If you are good at writing, then it will be very important that you present your blogs on good pages on the internet, which you can design beautifully on Word Press. When you create your account on Word Press, try to choose beautiful themes. There are many blogs about Word Press blogging themes. Who are responsible?

Word Press Themes:

I am using a Word Press theme. In which I show menus, slides. I am featuring my latest blogs, eight different blogs in different categories, recent comments, subscription forms, and sharing buttons.

Theme Editor:

I made some changes using the theme editor during this time. If you’re using a Word Press theme, then go to the theme editor, and edit the layout you want to change.

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