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The big brands have come to E-commerce, Are they frauds?

The situation here is that saw Ads, immediately asked a question, ordered a suit or something. They did not meet the standards, so the whole e-commerce market began to weigh in the same scales. These are all frauds, these are all lies. It’s as if if you bring a suit from a shop, it doesn’t make you lime. E-commerce is fraud.

Interestingly, these people are satisfied by buying something worth Rs. 1,200 from big brands for Rs. 12,000, but by giving an extra Rs. 500 on a small page, they say that it is an illegal profiteer.

Now when it comes to illicit profiteering, let’s talk about it.

Someone bought Royal Cotton last year, which is only available from the brand, I got that cotton suit for eight hundred rupees. I sold that suit for fourteen hundred and fifty rupees. Come and calculate my profit.

Eight hundred rupees suit. Boost on Facebook, so that more people can see my page. If I distribute it, I add fifty rupees per suit. The suit fell off, costing me eight hundred and fifty rupees. If I add my internet bill of Rs. 10 per suit, then it becomes Rs. 860. The packing material in which I pack the suit is a bag of Rs. 22. The price of the suit is Rs. 882.

Shipping Expense:

Obviously, Royal Cotton is not available in the whole country. We’re offering you this service at home, and we’re offering this service through a courier company. The charges of this courier company are Rs. 170, the price of the suit has reached “Rs. Three hundred and ninety-eight rupees. Round figure. Four hundred rupees. Save four hundred rupees per suit.

How Did You Sell It Per Suit?

About twenty people text or call. Talk for two to seven minutes … ask different questions, one or two of them order suits. Dealing with everyone else is a daunting task. Sealed one or two suits after intense mental exercise. After a day of constant mental exertion, I sold about ten suits, and believe me this is the equivalent of an average store. About ten suits make me equal to an average shopkeeper, not a very successful businessman.

How Much Profit Should Be Made:

Now, in this group, it was said in another group that you are making illegal profits. Four hundred rupees per suit is an illegitimate profit. The answer was, “One hundred rupees.” This type of people are the ones who don’t have a home, so they like to rule over others.

Well, I believe them. I have a profit of Rs. 100 per suit after so much hard work. According to him, 100 rupees per suit, 1000 rupees profit per day, and online business is like that, you are active 24 hours a day. The call came at two o’clock at night, so entertain and order them … 24-hour shopping. Profit Rs. Monthly profit thirty thousand rupees. Now these intellectuals tell me, out of this thirty thousand electricity bill. Children’s expenses, milk expenses, household rations, how can I meet my expenses … Rs. 12,000 per month is my household milk bill. It is very easy to sit behind a computer in a chair and issue fatwas and judge others. Only this servant knows what the condition of this servant is.


Change your online shopping habits. You have the right to ask questions. Ask questions, invite videos. Get feedback inquiry number. Encourage e-commerce. This is a huge market. If you encourage, millions of young people in this country will be connected to this market. Now if you curse the entire e-commerce market based on hearsay or a couple of bad experiences, then millions of young people in this country will remain unemployed.

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