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How Can You Make Money From Blogging?

It’s 2019, and the online world is changing fast. The skills that were in demand a few weeks ago are no longer needed. They were replaced by new skills and services. Freelancing is a new growing trend, and people are choosing to work as a freelancer in their full-time job. It is estimated that in the next 10 years, about 50.9% of the US population will be free.

Online Freelance Jobs:

People prefer online freelance jobs because they can work at their own pace and make unlimited money. It is thought that many freelance skills that are in high demand will soon be replaced by new ones. With such fierce competition, there is a place that will survive in the future, and that is data. Data is the new ‘OIL’. People who have access to data will always be in demand.

How To Run Your Own Blog As A Freelancer:

Freelancing does not mean offering services as a web developer, web designer or video animator. This means that you can also run your own blog as a freelancer. The price of all the content on your blog is nothing short of oil, and the data is huge and demanding. Search engines need statistics; people need information and awareness. Therefore, the importance of blogging can never be underestimated. It will only grow in the future, and now is the best time to set up your blog, start writing, generate traffic and make money.

Features Of Your Blog:

As a blogger, you can choose many features of your blog. You can write about health, politics, entertainment, science, etc. You should choose a niche. About which you can write comfortably and have the option. For example, Tech Crunch is one of the largest technology blogs in the world. This is a big deal, because it has the resources and the authority to cover the latest technology news around the world, and people trust the news. If your audience is misled, you may be penalized for misinformation, as this Australian blogger found out 2 years ago.

Traffic is Important for your on Blog:

The traffic to a blog comes primarily from search engines when appropriate keywords are used in the post. When you write a lot about a particular article on your blog, search engines, in particular, Google, begin to take on the authority of the article and rank the keywords associated with your business. Starts doing. Without traffic, a blog doesn’t matter, because when people are reading it, the content on the blog is meaningful.

In this article, we are going to cover everything you need to know to set up your blog, drive traffic and start making money from it. Here’s a glimpse of the weekly organic, search engine-driven traffic on the Bain Group blog.

Where Does Traffic Comes on Your blog:

Along with search engines, traffic also comes from social media. These include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Through social media, people start to value your blog and eventually build brand loyalty with your blog. On social media, if you are able to make valuable suggestions and engage your audience, they start visiting your blog daily and eagerly await new content on the site. Once this content is complete, it helps you make money from your blog. The bottom line is that good writing provides good content, and money will flow automatically.

I have tested and tested all social media connections for promoting my blog. I’ve learned that images and video posts related to your blog niche, followed by a post link, resonate well with your target audience, and then engage with that content.

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